Kilimanjaro Joining Group

Kilimanjaro Joining Group

Kilimanjaro Join group is a collection of travelers that book a similar hiking trip with a minimum requirement of at least 2 people or more confirmed and scheduled on specific dates, to achieve Kilimanjaro hiking set goals and thus we title Kilimanjaro join groups.

Types of Kilimanjaro Join Groups

Kilimanjaro Open Groups
These are groups creatively and selectively created with confirmed scheduled dates by Gokilimanjarotreks or requested by the clients, depending on the hiking routes and the weather seasons on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Closed Groups
These are groups requested privately and scheduled either by clients who are closely related or who share some common interests according to their choice of travel style such as family members, friends, students, staff mates, missionaries, etc.
Find the best Groups Join Climb Kilimanjaro on (our scheduled dates climb) on both more scenic Lemosho/Londorosi routes as well as popular Machame route on confirmed small groups trek 2023 to 2024 in our bucket list.

Open Group
Closed Group

Join groups of Gokilimanjarotreks usually consists of at least 2 to 12 people for a small group climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. However, we can as well as plan on bigger groups from 12 to 20 people or more upon the clients or a group leader request.

Can I Join as a Single Climber?

Yes! we advise you to look at our confirmed trip dates and Join a group in order to share with our fellow travelers and enable you to share with others on our Kilimanjaro climb. Still, if you want to create your own scheduled dates and let others join you, please do not hesitate to let us know your choice of interest as our joining groups are dynamic updated.

What is The Importance of joining a group in Kilimanjaro?

The importance of joining a group on the Kilimanjaro climb is that you may choose any group or date that suits your schedule. We arrange the climbs each and every day of the year for groups of any size, on any route; both private and open climbs.

People join Kilimanjaro climbs groups for a multitude of reasons. A major reason is that group membership often results in some form of satisfaction on the part of the individual. Membership into a group can fulfill numerous needs, some of which group members may not realize, they are benefiting from.

These are the importance of joining a group on Kilimanjaro climbing:

Saving Cost – Climbing Kilimanjaro is even more expensive if you are a solo climber. Get discounts and save loads by latching into one of our small open groups of 2 to 12 climbers

Companionship – Groups provide climbers to simply be in the company of other people.

Achievement – Groups have the capability to achieve more than individuals acting alone.

Making new friends and cultural values – Organize people from different places and cultures and meet new people and make new friends that may give you a reason to come out for sharing more experiences and have fun.

Strength in Numbers – You have access to an established support system of experienced people who are motivated to get things done.

Stay Inspired and Motivated – Learn to love what you do! You may not even know that you love something, but it’s important to be proactive about things you discover on the journey. Join our groups and discover something new in your hiking experience with our long-time experienced mountain guides.

Gokilimanjarotreks usually organizes a form of a small and large groups at any time upon the request in order to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with fun; however, as a member of a group, you may unintentionally reap the numerous benefits independent of the original group constructed.

We work hard to make our trip unique and meet your travel needs. You will come as a client and leave as Gokilimanjarotreks family while enjoyed a perfect adventure.

We are not proclaiming as a big tour company in Tanzania just like others do, but we are feeling proud to be a part of trusted tour company in our quality and precisely services throughout the all operations we made, Gokilimanjarotreks harboring the Mount Kilimanjaro expert guides and experienced supporting team such as our senior head guide Nelson Mushi who led many treks over two decade now! Moreover, our packages price is affordable with important factors such as the best accommodations we book for our clients, food and hygienic condition, quality mountain tents, quality safari vehicles, experienced and knowledgeable Safari and mountain guides and the time factors!

We responding all the emails right away and you do not need to wait an answer, feel free to contact us at 24 hours.

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Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements
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All our advisors have climbed Kilimanjaro, visited the safari parks and Zanzibar
You will have the same advisor throughout the planning process.
Make the most of your time and budget

Focus on Safety

Certified Wilderness First Responders
Daily pulse and oxygen saturation monitoring
Emergency oxygen and medical kits
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